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Maitre noemie assuied Hodara - Avocat de la famille à Paris

Tailored solutions for today's families

Maître Assuied Hodara | Attorney specializing in Family Law, Divorce & Separation

Maître Noémie ASSUIED HODARA, a prominent divorce lawyer based in Paris, specializes in divorce and family law while being a member of both the New York Bar and the Paris Bar. Drawn initially to the complex legal issues triggered by the globalization of families, she has cultivated extensive expertise in international family law.

Furthermore, as a respected divorce lawyer in Paris, Maître ASSUIED HODARA is deeply aware of the emotional trials inherent in family difficulties. Therefore, she provides her clients with empathetic listening and robust support, addressing the human aspects crucial in family law.

Additionally, her bilingual capabilities enable her to serve a diverse clientele, both French and international, effectively. In this role, she leverages her considerable experience in family disputes, advocating for alternative dispute resolutions like mediation and collaborative processes. Consequently, her approach remains both comprehensive and client-focused.

avocat spécialisé en divorce à Paris

Values and commitments

  • Unfailing availability and responsiveness.

  • Personalized and bilingual support and guidance – including upstream of any crisis – because each family is unique in its history, its composition, its projects, etc…

  • Warm and empathetic support in order to help litigants get through intimate difficulties with strength and serenity.

  • The priority recourse to amicable solutions in the objective of apprehending the conflict differently, avoiding its escalation, and leading you to the next chapter in a sustainable manner.

  • The implementation of technical and tenacious strategies to respond effectively to all the legal issues faced by families.

In the event of litigation Maître ASSUIED HODARA deploys strategic and solid judicial approaches.

In this respect, she can notably rely on a network of specialized professionals to assist her in defending the interests of her clients (family mediators, tax lawyers, criminal lawyers, financial and accounting analysts, detective firms, translators, bailiffs, etc…).

In the presence of children, Maître ASSUIED HODARA implements strategies that take into account the best interests of the latter in the first place.

Areas of expertise

The couple  

  • Pre and post nuptial agreements : choice and change of matrimonial regime 
  • Legal separation of spouses (« séparation de corps ») 
  • Separation of cohabitants (concubines) or legal partners (PACS) : financial and tax consequences of their separation 
  • Divorce by mutual consent or judicial divorce 
  • Alimony, compensatory allowance and damages 
  • Liquidation and division of matrimonial property regimes 
  • Parenthood projects (surrogacy and medically assisted reproduction) 

Alternative dispute resolution (amicable process) 

  • Family agreement (« Pacte de famille ») 
  • Parental agreement and its judicial approval 
  • Divorce by mutual consent  
  • Discussions and negociations with the assistance and advice of family lawyers  
  • Collaborative process and mediation 


  • Parentage and parental authority (parental disagreement regarding school, medical decisions, religious orientations, etc…) 
  • Parental arrangements and plans (residence of the child, visitation right of a parent)  
  • Adoption  
  • Child support (financial plan for a child maintenance and education) 
  • Child protection and educational assistance 
  • Visitation right of grandparents and third parties (step parents, etc…) 

Protection of vulnerable adults  

  • Family habilitation 
  • Judicial protection 
  • Guardianship

Family criminal law

  • Domestic violence and restraining orders  
  • Family abandonment and desertion (alimony default payment) 
  • Non-representation of a child (non-compliance with a custody / visitation plan) 
  • Wrongful removal of a child 

Civil status and identity 

  • Rectification of the civil status record 
  • Gender reassignment  
  • Change of surname 
  • Change of first name 

Understanding and addressing the specific needs of « international families »

Maître Noémie ASSUIED HODARA, a leading divorce lawyer in Paris, tailors her approach to understand her clients’ unique needs and provides them with customized solutions. Given their history, mobility, and diverse roots, cross-border families face specific challenges that require expert knowledge of private international law (conflict of laws, determination of court jurisdiction, etc.) and access to an extensive global network of legal professionals.

Moreover, as a specialized divorce lawyer in Paris, Maître ASSUIED HODARA offers her expertise in handling cross-border cases. To this end, she provides the following services:

  • Drafting international pre- or post-nuptial agreements
  • Planning for upcoming expatriations
  • Designating the applicable law for prospective divorces or matrimonial regimes to avoid situations of mutability
  • Pinpointing the right jurisdiction in case of a conflict, intervening in concurrent proceedings, and addressing jurisdictional disputes
  • Determining the law applicable to each family matter
  • Ensuring that all family plans, agreements, and decisions will be recognized abroad
  • Giving effect to situations created abroad (recognition and enforcement of foreign decisions)
  • Clarifying legal matters for the purpose of foreign proceedings (Affidavit)
  • Managing international changes of residence of a child (relocation or wrongful removal and abduction)

By leveraging her expertise and dedication, Maître ASSUIED HODARA ensures that her clients receive the highest level of legal support tailored to their specific international family law needs.


Maître ASSUIED HODARA est l’auteur de nombreuses publications à destination d’un public spécialisé en droit de la famille dont voici quelques extraits :  

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Additionally, the law firm of Maître Noémie ASSUIED HODARA is a partner of the Sorbonne Legal Clinic – a student organization aimed at developing the practical skills of law students and putting them at the service of the legal system.

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