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In accordance with French law, Maître ASSUIED HODARA sets her fees freely in agreement with her clients. At the end of the initial consultation, Maître ASSUIED HODARA will formulate a fee proposal and draw up a fee agreement. This agreement clearly outlines the scope of her intervention, her mission, and the billing method.

Maître ASSUIED HODARA’s fees vary based on the complexity and urgency of the case. She guarantees total transparency in invoicing.

Invoicing can take different forms:

Hourly Rate: In principle, invoicing is based on the time spent. Maître ASSUIED HODARA’s diligence (appointments at the office or by videoconference, study of the client’s file, drafting of acts and pleadings, hearings, phone conversations, letters, etc.) is invoiced according to an hourly rate determined in advance based on the complexity of the case. This fixed rate is subject to annual review.

Fixed Fee: Exceptionally, a fixed fee may be offered to the client. It covers all of the lawyer’s work and actions. This solution is reserved for specific cases where it is possible to predict the duration and scope of the work required in advance.

Contingency Fee: Depending on the nature of the case, a result fee may be set. This additional fee (in addition to the fixed or hourly fees) corresponds to a percentage of the sums obtained in favor of the client or the savings made in relation to the claims of the opposing party. This type of fee requires the prior agreement of both the lawyer and the client.

Clients can pay Maître ASSUIED HODARA’s fees in several installments, according to terms agreed upon in advance.

By providing clear and flexible billing options, Maître ASSUIED HODARA ensures her clients understand the costs associated with their case.

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